in Baghdad
By: Gee in Baghdad

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Sunday, 17-Aug-2003 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
G is a lazy bastard

In front of the old state broadcasting company
the first free demonstration
Check point blues
A civilian car. Reality is so much more spectacular than the mov
Mass grave near Hilla.
Mass grave near hilla
Torture instrument, electrocuting chair.
Another [Dead End Street] he has a whole series.
Yeah, G has something for dead end alleys so bear with him.
Cleric in the Shrine of Imam Ali-Najaf.
“hmmm, so is it really Haram to drink Coca-Cola?”
The Old men of Najaf.
Hassan Ajami cofee house in al-Rasheed st-with red sky llight.
[Dead End Alley with Garbage] I warned you. Obsession alarm
“hmm, now where is that tank they told me about?”
Now that is a BIG stick. And doesn’t she look sassy.
And another one. Is there a shrink in the house?
Sadir [formerly Saddam] City, This is the call for Unity.
Impromptu poet at the Friday sermon in Sadir City.
I have no idea why G wanted to post this one.
Americans traffic policing with there gigantic APCs
Carrying out an empty coffin, Karbala.
Unity call at Friday Prayers in Sadir City.
Sadir City Friday Prayers.
hayfa st. in Baghdad after RPG attack on an American humvee
During a raid near Balad, this is almost a month old.
During raid near Balad, G went along with an embedded journalist
During a raid near Balad, yes the same one.
Balad. Raid is almost over with daybreak.
angry Iraqis trashing a humvee in protest for no electricity
Ummm, yeah…..G “likes” sheep. Wink wink.
In front of the shrine of al Kadhim.
Khadimiya. The picture behind him is of a radical cleric
Sadir the son, head of the militant Shia group. Scares the shit
Napping a couple of meters from the New York Times house in Bagh
he is too lazy to update this or the word blog, so under the threat of denying him access to the coldcold beers in my fridge he gave me the password and the pix, these are pretty old but still quite good. am I a good friend or what? and he doesn't even say thank you, he just smiles.

salam pax [I know i have not been updating my own fotoblog, don't throw stones at people when you are in a glass house etc. etc.]

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